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Foot Ball - Alabama Craw
Foot Ball - Aunt Bootsie Finesse
Foot Ball - Ben Franklin Football Jig
Foot Ball - Blake Nick Signature Green Pumpkin Blue Flash
Foot Ball - Blake Nick Signature Monkey Box Finesse
Foot Ball - Blake Nick Signature Monkey Box
Foot Ball - Blake Nick Signature Peanut Butter Banana
Foot Ball - Blake Nick Signature River Rat
Foot Ball - Blue Streak Finesse
Foot Ball - Bob Football Jig
Foot Ball - Bruiser Football Jig
Foot Ball - Floki
Foot Ball - Grumpkin
Foot Ball - High Def PB&J
Foot Ball - Ison Craw
Foot Ball - Lawley Craw
Foot Ball - Monkey Butt Football Jig
Foot Ball - Pell City Punisher
Foot Ball - Scarlet Feaver
Foot Ball - Scottsboro Red
Foot Ball - Sinus Infection
Foot Ball - South Sauty Slammer
Foot Ball - Sucka Punch Finesse
Foot Ball - Voo Doo Violet
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Made with Pride in Alabama, the Boxer Custom Baits Football Jig comes with Hand Tied skirts in a variety of bass catching colors. This football jig is a great deep water jig due to the light wire 5/0 Mustad Ultra Point Hook. For anglers that love to catch bass deep, the light wire hook easily penetrates the fishes mouth allowing for smooth, easy hooksets without the worry of punching a big hole in a bass's mouth and having him throw the bait! Tested in the Spotted Bass waters of the Coosa River and on the TN River chain, give these football jigs a try next time your probing deep ledges, rock points, or river shoals.