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Strutter - Big Daddy G Chartreuse
Strutter - Blake Nick Signature Blake's River Rage
Strutter - Blake Nick Signature Series - I Dont Know
Strutter - Blake Nick Signature Series - Monkey Box
Strutter - Blake Nick Signature Series  Obregon Diablo
Strutter - Blue Flash
Strutter - Blue Steel
Strutter - Brown Rubber
Strutter - Bubble Gum
Strutter - Coffee Shad
Strutter - Coosa Cole Slaw
Strutter - Disco Violet
Strutter - Guntersville Bleeding Shad
Strutter - Hatten's Smokin Shad
Strutter - Heartbreaker
Strutter - Kyle’s Buck Rogers
Strutter - Kyle's Purple Rain
Strutter - Lemon Ice Box
Strutter - Medusa
Strutter - Off tha Chain
Strutter - Paralyzer
Strutter - Scarlet Reese
Strutter - Showtime
Strutter - Sweet & Sour
Strutter - Table Rock Shad
Strutter - Vice Craw
Strutter - White
Strutter - Who Dini
Head Color
Skirt Color
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The Boxer Custom Baits Strutter is two baits in one. As packaged the bait will behave like most chatter style jigs. However, by reversing the duo snap and placing it on the top side of the blade the Strutter has a unique "searching" action that triggers strikes from reluctant bass. It's just an action they don't see from a skirted bait. These are hand tied just like all of our jigs and can be made with any skirt color on this site.
Simply tell us what color!